What’s The Best Lighting For The Office?


It is not a secret that proper lightning can increase productivity and creativity on an everyday basis. Not only this, but when the light is excellent employees will not have headaches, eye strains, or any other symptoms related to poor lighting. Having this in mind, it is extremely important to install the best lighting in your office space as soon as possible.

Daylight is the best

People function the best under natural light. Wide windows and plenty of windows in office space would cover most of the needs for proper lightning. However, since this is not always the case, LED lights, incandescent lights, and halogen lights can provide the needed effect. Higher levels of concentration and focus, higher energy levels, and a positive mood are just some of the benefits of having the best lighting for your office.

Utilize daylight as much as you can. Place work desks in front of, or on the side of windows. Remove curtains to gain as much natural light as possible. In this way, you will provide a better lighting source for your employees and also save on energy bills.

Inspect your office carefully

As we mentioned, natural light is the best lighting for an office. However, this is only applicable for the shifts during the day. Workers must have proper lighting in the evening and during the night as well. Inspect your office carefully to see what kind of light you have now, what needs to be changed, and where there is no sufficient lighting. Observe the office at different parts of the day. Ask your employees to tell you how they feel about the lighting situation. If they tell you about eye strain, blurred vision, frequent headaches, and other symptoms of improper lightning, the time has come to make a change.

Which color and temperature of light is the best for an office?

The best type of light for focus and creativity is cool blue light, and white light as well. To have such light available in the morning in your office would stimulate concentration and productive work. Lights have a huge impact on the productivity of workers, and this leads to greater satisfaction for your employees as well. After a productive day, everyone will feel satisfied, and eager to start a new day in the office.

On the other hand, warmer, and yellow light tones are better for relaxation. This type of light is perfect to use towards the end of the office work. During this period, employees should summarize their day, and slowly begin to unwind before going to work. This is also a great light to use in areas for relaxation and kitchen, for example. When people have a break they can rest their eyes and completely relax.

Brightness should be controlled

If people work on their laptops and computers primarily during the day, the light should not be too bright. This is because phones, tablets, and laptops emit their own light. Then the office lighting should not be too bright. But, if there are no electronic devices around, then the light should be bright enough so that people can work without straining their eyes too much.

Task lighting is a must

Every work area should have a lamp that employees can direct the way it is suitable for them. Task lighting is extremely important as it increases productivity in an office. Regardless of the ceiling light and natural light, task lighting is centralized and focused on the specific area of work and enables perfect lighting in an office. Lamps should be adjustable so that they can change the direction of light. It often happens that there is a shadow or a glare that also strains the eyes, and this can easily be prevented by shifting the light as convenient.

Home office

Having the best lighting in the office is equally as important as having the best home office lighting. At home, make sure to choose a spot for your work desk that is near the windows and has natural light. And then maximize the effects of proper lightning, by using high-quality LED lights for both direct and indirect lights. Use a lamp for your desk to direct the light as you seem fit.

Why is LED lightning the best for your office space?

Over the years, LED lighting has become the best solution for office space, whether it is at your home or the original office space. There are many benefits of using LED lights for business. In terms of cost, color, temperature, brightness, and the options for adjusting to your needs, LED is the best choice you can make when it comes to choosing the lighting for your office.


While the initial purchase can be more expensive than when buying fluorescent light bulbs for example, in the long run, it pays off to have LED lights in your office. They last even 60 times longer than regular light bulbs, which means you won`t have to replace them as often, and you will save time and money. For example, LED covered strip is an excellent and cheap solution for the office.

LED light bulbs are energy efficient

LED lights will save you on an energy bill every month, as they use energy in a smart way. Fluorescent light bulbs use around 20% of energy for lighting, whereas the rest is for heating, which you have certainly noticed as the light bulbs are extremely warm. LED light bulbs remain cool as they use up to 90% of energy for emitting light actually.

You can dim LED lights whenever you want

You can adjust the brightness of LED lights so to increase the productivity in your office easily. Dimmers enable you to decrease the brightness and improve the efficiency of the LED light bulbs as well. They function equally well when dimmed, and they even save on your energy bills in this case.

You can use them everywhere you want

When we think of an office we think of a room with four walls. However, someone may work in a garden, warehouse, or anywhere else. LED lights are perfect for both outside and inside usage, as they provide excellent light. Also, a standard exit sign with LED lighting is perfect for improving safety in case of a power outage.

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