The Best Way To Light Your House


The most important thing related to the appearance of your home is the lighting. Particularly when it comes to the interior of tricky rooms and areas. If you are inexperienced, you`ll have a hard time adjusting the light for your house. Besides merely providing lighting in the room, lights change the mood, set the ambiance, and define specific areas of your home like dining or living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Although some of you might think that they have to settle with mediocre lighting, today, there is a vast number of options to consider, especially when it comes to functionality. For example, your bedroom can easily be customized with a nice reading lamp. Also, you won`t hate every day at work (if you work from home) if you install proper lighting. There is an unlimited number of lamps, pendants, flush mounts, etc., available. With a little bit of exploration, you won`t have a problem with lighting your house. So, if you want to learn about the best way to light your house, check out the following text below.

Whole House

These tips are specifically created to be applied all around the house. They`re universal and can help you get a better sense of exactly what to look for when going shopping. The most important tips regarding the lighting of your whole house include:

  • Include a couple of light sources (at least three) in every room of your house. General lighting (universal, overhead, or pendant), task or table (specific) lighting, sconces, candles, or decorative (ambient) lighting.
  • It is essential to maximize natural lighting. You can do this by keeping all of your windows clean. Keeping your windows clean is very cheap and simple while making an extreme difference.
  • Make sure to choose the right shade for all your fixtures. For example, white shades will let more light pass thru the room. However, it can also make the area look cold. On the other hand, colored shades will make the room appear creamer. And not just creamer but also cooler or warmer, depending on the exact shade you choose.
  • Install reflective surfaces into your home like glossy floors, metallic finishes, and mirrors. It’ll help the light maximize its appearance all around the house.


Now that we`ve covered tips for general lighting, it`s time to talk about specific areas. Let’s start in the kitchen, a place where the whole family meets and share how their day went. Naturally, the kitchen is a place where cooking happens, meaning that proper lighting is more than essential. Besides setting the mood, proper lighting in the kitchen is essential in terms of your safety. It’ll make a huge difference when it comes to chopping, kneading, and searing.

  • Think about installing under-cabinet lighting. This light can be very useful as it can illuminate all of your countertops while you work in the kitchen. Also, you can turn it off with a simple switch.
  • Don`t forget to light all of the dark corners, which include features like counters, shelves, pantries, and cupboards. Areas like these are often very neglected, but they will become more beautiful and functional when they`re properly lit.
  • Pendant lamps can be a very functional and fun option when it comes to islands, kitchen sinks, and nooks. Not only will it help to illuminate the workspace, but it will create a better work area in the entire room.
  • Upgrading your kitchen lights is another good idea when it comes to creating a lux touch. An upgrade will provide a soft glow when you`re spending time in the kitchen. Luckily, you don’t have to overspend here. A simple LED strip light or LED panel light will do an excellent job.


Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your house as it represents a place where you sleep and spend time with your partner. In addition, having good lighting is important for numerous reasons, including creating an intimate space, resting area, safe place, and enhancing comfort to help you relax. So, let`s talk about the main tips to make your room worthy of relaxation:

  • We recommend using candles to create an appropriate ambiance as long as they`re set up in the safest possible manner.
  • Install bedside lamps with very popular warm bulbs since we presume that you wouldn`t want to leave your bed just to turn off the lights meaning that these can be very useful.
  • Consider getting high-tech alarm lamps that are specifically made to wake you up in the morning without the harsh good morning lights. In fact, they are specifically made to imitate sunrise, so it`s one of the gentler ways to wake up, especially if you are a long sleeper and need a boost in the morning.

Living Room

Whether you plan on using your living room for hanging out with friends, chilling, or spending some quality time with your family, living rooms should be a very versatile area which is why proper lighting is essential.

Here are some ideas to make your living room lit:

  • Although table lamps are more than great, sometimes all you need to make the room pleasant is an oversized pendant, a large lantern, or a sculpture floor lamp.
  • Consider adding a dimmer switch which will allow you to easily change the brightness and the mood of your lighting depending on the time of day.
  • Don`t forget to light dark corners as there is always one dim spot in your living room, making it very hard to do anything at night.
  • You can always try a chandelier. Even though it`s a very classical solution, as long as it fits in your living room, the chandelier is one of the best options when it comes to lighting the largest area of your living room.

Hire Professionals

If you`re having a hard time dealing with the renovation or simply only plan on setting up the lighting in your house, consider hiring an experienced Cincinnati LED lighting company to light your house. As long as you choose a skilled professional company with fair prices and lots of experience, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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