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Terra Linear LED Uplights

GjqbISWKjMg5KK4ZIum04kwVT4oQ6qrx5flrbmBv Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 Terra luminaires with a compact design whose characteristic favors a subtle integration with the exterior or interior architecture, the installation of each product is superimposed on horizontal or vertical...

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Terra Linear Recessed Uplights

uOsbQrpqVoHUHAnVDNLdoK048bHqOdAbmsUFxjRN Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 The Terra Linear family of 50cm long linear luminaires designed to be embedded in the floor;It is characterized by having a directable optical body with which it is possible to adjust the light beam given...

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Mega Terra Linear LED

VAuGY0s2LGcRifjIrjhju1lUERjUpZRxSyY6n1hF Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 Mega Terra Linear LED is characterized by being a linear lighting option for architectural projects, the construction of the family allows it to be installed outdoors, either superimposed on vertical or horizontal...

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Lightstream LED Uplight

aVuH8EO0sWztovdNz9B4zJc9Zm84VSfNE2zR6fcb Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 Understanding the needs for controlling light emission in architectural projects, the family of floor-recessed uplights is developed, characterized by having independently addressable optical bodies by means...

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Tyla Pro Floor Light

1eduKSWUnny7yzVG9u8QaCjv6slMncl86HDM3MaA Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 Floor recessed luminaire made of high-resistance polycarbonate and tempered glass screen, these components generate a solution characterized by having a remarkable resistance to deterioration due to corrosion...

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Ledona LED Floor Light

IIgexYUGH5oMTDvszHDe12OawUQ7UYoJZ0wGtqaH Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 Family of floor recessed luminaires, differentiated in their type by having a high power operation set at 50W with LED technology, the offer offers configuration possibilities by selecting between different...

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Brick Light LED

TK3gFsSm7m7kDcuOeKauSx2BiXlcfOgg5fUuOlX1 Request A Quote (513) 554-0895 Brick Light is a family for recessed in the floor with materials that support the passage of light vehicular traffic, in addition to IP65 and IK10 protection to withstand adverse weather conditions. Features Warranty 5...

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