Do Outdoor LED Lights Save Money?


What are LED lights?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. A diode is an electrical component that has two electrodes, an anode, and a cathode. The electricity flows in through the anode and goes out through a cathode. An LED is a device that emits light when an electrical current goes through it. Due to their features, outdoor LED lighting saves a lot of energy, time, and money. It makes LED lights are a perfect choice for every household. When LED lights were first introduced years ago, their huge potential to save money was recognized, and they were developed and enhanced ever since.

Low maintenance cost

One of the main reasons why you should switch to LED lights for your business or household is maintenance. When using incandescent or halogen bulbs, you need to change them frequently as they are more fragile. This means they break more easily than LED bulbs. On the other hand, some bulbs like halogen bulbs are recommended to be changed once a year. This only means more work for you and no savings at all. With LED bulbs you only need to replace them when they stop working. And this will happen after years of usage, so we can conclude that the maintenance rate is excellent here.

The LED bulbs are recyclable

The term eco-friendly is not just a phrase in this case. Not only will the bulbs last longer, use less energy, and save you money, you will be able to recycle them as well. After years of using them, they can be reused and sold again to be used in years to come. This feature of LED bulbs is yet another reason why you should always opt for LED lighting instead of halogen or incandescent lights. Get in touch with the local waste management company to learn how to recycle the LED bulbs. They will carefully separate the parts and reuse them for new bulbs.

Incandescent light bulbs

For decades incandescent light bulbs dominated the market. Most households have been using these light bulbs, but are slowly changing them for the better option, LED lights. Namely, these light bulbs are much more fragile than light bulbs. How many times has it happened to you that a light bulb broke to pieces when you were trying to replace them? Or you were in the middle of a meal or conversation when it suddenly broke? With LED bulbs this does not happen. They are extremely durable, sturdy, and stable that you won`t have any issues with them.

As far as the light is concerned, the LED light is more constant and brighter than the one of the incandescent light bulbs. When they first came out the light that LED emitted was not the most pleasant thing for the eyes. But they have evolved ever since, and now the light emitted is beautiful and natural.

The lifespan of the incandescent light bulb vs LED

When we talk about the lifespan of an incandescent light bulb, we talk about a short period. They can last for up to 1,000 hours. This is if they do not break in the meanwhile. On the other hand, when we talk about the lifespan of a LED bulb, we talk about a much longer period. Namely, they can last for even up to 60,000 hours. You will forget when you bought the LED bulbs and you will enjoy using them. Since the lifespan of a LED bulb is much longer than the one of the incandescent light bulbs, there is no need to replace them so often. This leads directly to saving money. It also saves your nerves and peace of mind, as you won`t have to worry about these bulbs for a long time once you install them.

Energy consumption

A LED bulb only consumes 10 to 15% of energy when compared to the incandescent light bulb. This means that you will save more than 80% of energy when using LED bulbs. It is not just the matter of energy consumption; it is also how to energy is used. The LED bulbs use energy better providing you with a true money-saving device in your household or business. Finally, you don`t have to spend hundreds of dollars on lighting up your beautiful backyards. LED lights will do a perfect job for much less money.


A price of an item is an ever-present concern that we have, and in this case, the price that you pay at the beginning will pay itself back after several months. The amount of money you will save when using LED lights will surpass the price you initially paid for the LED bulbs. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than an incandescent light bulb when you first buy them. However, due to the low maintenance cost, their sustainability, and durability, you will save a lot of money by using these bulbs. Your energy bills will be lower, you won`t have to replace the bulbs every once in a while, and you will enjoy the natural light of the LED light bulb for a long time.

Compact fluorescent light vs LED light

Compact fluorescent light has at one point been a better option than a LED light. However, this changed over time, and now the LED light is the best choice you can make. A CFL bulb contains mercury, and they are more fragile than incandescent light bulbs, which makes them potentially hazardous for your household. This combined with the price higher than the one of a LED light bulb, makes LED light stand out for high-quality.

Did you know that LED light does not attract insects?

We have seen that LED lights will save you a lot of money in years to come after the initial purchase. You will quickly recover your money and enjoy the warm light of the LED bulb for a long time. But it would not be fair not to mention another major advantage of the LED light bulb. Insects are often attracted by porch lamps due to the UV lights they emit. However, since LED light bulb does not emit UV light, they do not attract insects.

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